Submarine power cable to connet Jordan, Egypt.

A 420-kV submarine power cable is being strung between Jordan and Egypt across the Gulf of Aqaba by Alcatel Kabel Norge of Norway. The oil-filled, paper-insulated cable will take about 30 months to place along its 13 kilometer path. The project is expected to cost almost (US)$72 million. The cable will reach a water depth of approximately 830 meters, breaking the previous world depth record of 530 meters, set for an underwater power cable by Alcatel in crossing the Skagerrak between Norway and Denmark.

The cable will allow electricity exchange between Egypt and Jordan at peak load times, cutting the need for standby generating units in both countries. It is expected to expedite growth and development along its route, as it is an important link in a power interconnection project linking Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Turkey.