CUPERTINO, Calif., March 27, 2001 — NetManage, a supplier of e-business access and application integration solutions, said today that Square D Company Ireland, a supplier of electrical distribution, industrial control and automation products, is using NetManage’s RUMBA 2000 Web-to-Host software to provide browser-based access to information stored on its host systems.

RUMBA 2000 Web-to-Host enables Square D Company Ireland employees to access a variety of host information, depending on the level of access granted to the end-user by Square D Company Ireland, including manufacturing order entry and status, accounting, engineering and technical support for the latest driver updates. Updates are also pushed from the host to help reduce costs including support, administration and management.

“Providing access to host information independent of time, location, and technology has become an increasingly difficult task for IT departments,” said Zvi Alon, president and CEO of NetManage. “We provide the foundation that bridges-the-gap between an organizations’ existing host infrastructures and the requirements of e-business with solutions that deliver functionality across different platforms, devices, servers and web deployment models.”

“NetManage’s RUMBA 2000 Web-to-Host software has enabled us to securely deploy to multiple employees, within minutes, over our company intranet,” said Stephen Scannell, Senior Network Administrator of Square D Company Ireland. “Using one standard solution we were able to create a secure and readily usable system that lets us offer our customers the service and convenience they require. Now that all connectivity is handled from one location, any changes and/or updates are rolled out without the inconvenience of visiting each machine and retraining users.”

RUMBA 2000 Web-to-Host is designed to provide cost-effective, reliable and easy-to-deploy browser-based host access. RUMBA 2000 Web-to-Host is intended to deploy across an intranet and extranet from virtually any Web server, lowering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by eliminating the need to configure individual desktops during initial installation or during future updates.

RUMBA 2000 Web-to-Host includes support for HLLAPI Application Program Interfaces (APIs), ActiveX and Java Beans development architectures, display, host application printing, native file transfer, flexible keyboard mapping and macros. Data can be accessed from a variety of systems including IBM Mainframe, IBM AS/400 and UNIX and supports a broad range of network and desktop operating systems including Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 98, UNIX and Linux.

About Square D

Square D is the flagship brand of the North American Division of Schneider Electric, one of four geographic divisions of Schneider Electric headquartered in Paris, France. Schneider Electric is a global electrical industry leader with 1999 sales of $8.9 billion. It is the world’s leading manufacturer of electrical distribution, industrial control and automation products and systems, and the only electrical manufacturer dedicated solely to the distribution and control of electricity. In North America, the brands of Schneider Electric are well respected in the electrical industry. These brands include Square D our flagship brand in the United States; Federal Pacific in Mexico; Federal Pioneer in Canada; Merlin Gerin; Modicon; Telemecanique.

About NetManage

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