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On demand: Innovation in Energy Storage

Europe’s net-zero ambition is resulting in a fast-evolving energy infrastructure requiring energy professionals to have an understanding across a range of topics, including centralised and distributed generation, flexibility, sector coupling, energy storage, carbon capture and more.

The New Energy Landscape Series provides a comprehensible overview of these and other topics.

Season 2

Episode 2: Innovations in Energy Storage

Broadcast date: Session ended

Energy storage has become recognized as an essential enabler of the energy transition. Its role has developed significantly in recent years and innovative new technologies ensure that this evolution is continuing at pace.

In this episode, experts in the sector will highlight some of the innovative uses of energy storage ” from being twinned with utility-scale renewables to ground-breaking developments in microgrids “examine the untapped potential storage has to offer, and highlight some of the key challenges to be overcome.

Moderator: Kelvin Ross, Chief Editor, Power Engineering International

Patrick Clerens, Secretary-General | EASE
Emanuele Taibi, Head of Power Sector Transformation Strategies | IRENA
Carlo Napoli, Senior Researcher | Enel Foundation ” LODES
Lars Stephan, Market Development Manager | Aggreko

Season 1

Episode 1: Carbon Capture’s role in the energy transition

Broadcast date: Session ended

Capturing, storing or utilising CO2 is seen to be a key aspect of the energy transition. If net zero is to be achieved by 2050 carbon capture will be needed to significantly and quickly reduce emissions from hard-to-abate industrial sectors and power plants. Carbon capture can facilitate the large-scale production of low-emission hydrogen, which is seen as the clean energy vector of the future. In addition, the technologies’ deployment will not only create new clean growth opportunities, but also build new industries, create and retain employment and sustain local economies. However, commercialising CCUS is not without its technical and financial challenges.

This session will:

ࢀ¢ Explore the possibilities for carbon capture to accelerate decarbonisation and unlock flexibility in the power system
ࢀ¢ Provide an update on European and national support for CCUS
ࢀ¢ Address the advances in technology
ࢀ¢ Reference ongoing projects that are demonstrating the benefits of sector coupling

Expert presentations will be followed by a panel discussion, during which questions from the live audience will be answered.

Moderator: Anastasios Perimenis, Acting Secretary General, CO2 Value Europe

Patrick Clerens, Secretary General | Energy Technologies Europe
Dr. Jaap Vente, Roadmap Manager Towards a CO2-neutral industry | TNO
Rebecca Heaton, Head of Climate Change | Drax

Episode 2: Dispatchable Generation

Broadcast date: Session ended

Dispatchable forms of power generation have provided previously indispensable system services to the grid. In this episode we look at the potential threat to grid stability resulting from increased variable renewable energy (VRE) generation and the spotlight this has thrown on dispatchable sources of generation and capacity ” their role and value.

What are the challenges facing grid operators to access and dispatch power on demand and maintain system stability? How are generators responding to the changing requirements? Are new technologies, including renewable ones, capable of providing grid services and what is the business model for these? How much of the heavy-lifting still falls to conventional, nuclear and pumped hydropower and how are these plants having to adapt?

As well as gaining a better understanding of the shifting shape of dispatchable capacity underpinning the energy system, we will hear about specific examples and case studies.

Moderator: Rudy Koenig, Principal, Energy for your Success

Aliki Van Heek, Unit Head 3E Analysis, IAEA
Oliver Then, Executive Managing Director, VGB Powertech
Rudy Koenig, Principal | Energy for your Success
Graham Weale, Honorary Professor | Ruhr Universitàƒ¤t Bochum