Remote Romanian cabin powered by solar

A refuge in the Rezetat National Park in the western Southern Carpathians in Romania is to be powered with solar modules. The park hosts several refuges that are used by the park’s guards in summer and by rescue teams in winter.

Centrosolar has supplied 125 Wp crystalline modules to provide a total capacity of 500 Wp which in summer generates up to 2.5 kWh of power per day.

The installation of the plant was handled by Centrosolar partner LP Electric srl using a specially designed mounting system.

‘Since the sun doesn’t rise as high in winter as it does in summer, we change the angle of the mounting system accordingly. The modules are laid into the fastening system at an inclination of 36 degrees in summer and 80 degrees in winter. By changing the angle we manage to generate the highest possible solar yield, explains Florin Fleseriu, managing director of LP Electric. Fleseriu adds: ‘At 80 degrees, the snow also slides off the modules by itself, which again enables the unhindered irradiation of sunlight.’

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