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Rauscher appointed to head HEW and “Neue Kraft”

The Board of Hamburgische Electricitats-Werke AG (HEW) yesterday appointed Dr. Klaus Rauscher as managing director of the company. He will also be responsible the creation of “Neue Kraft” – the new electricity grouping in Germany.

Dr. Rauscher will take up his duties on 1 November and will oversee the integration process for HEW, Veag and Laubag, to create the “Neue Kraft” (New Force) which will be the third largest energy company in Germany.

Lars G Josefsson, chairman of HEW said, “Neue Kraft has no time to lose. This work will now proceed with new vigour. The appointment of Dr. Rauscher as managing director of HEW is another significant milestone along the way.”

“I believe that in Dr. Rauscher we have found just the manager we need,” commented Josefsson.

Last month, US energy group Mirant announced it was terminating discussions related to its involvement in Neue Kraft.

Mirant continues to own approximately 45 per cent of the integrated utility, Bewag, which serves the city of Berlin and remains committed to its position and the further development of the company in the German market.

The remaining partners have indicated that the door remains open for Bewag to return to the discussions.