Railroad electric plant powers

Railroad electric plant powers

Deutsche Bahn

Since late 1994, the Kirchmoser electric power station near Brandenburg has been the driving force behind Germany`s new high-speed rail line. It is the world`s first combined-cycle plant for railroad electrification, according to Siemens` records, and its 160-MW output provides plenty of electricity to power the high-speed trains of Deutsche Bahn AG between Frankfurt and Berlin. The plant, owned by VEBA Kraftwerke Ruhr AG, also supplies power to the railroad company`s 110-kV grid.

Equipped with two Siemens 60-MW V64.3 gas turbines and a Siemens 60-MW steam turbine, the Kirchmoser combined-cycle plant is operating near 50 percent efficiency on natural gas. The plant`s efficiency is helping the railroad company meet its objective of reducing CO2 emissions by 20 percent by 2005. Kirchmoser`s NOx emissions are also low, with less than 100 mg/m3 of exhaust gas at standard temperature and pressure.

The Power Generation Group of Siemens was the turnkey contractor for the facility. Siemens is now involved in another railroad electrification project, the 900-MW Schkopau lignite-fired power plant near Haile, Germany.

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