Project management at Taweelah

Project management at Taweelah

Before starting work in Al Taweelah, ABB delivered 22,000 documents to the consultant, Tractabel of Belgium. To optimize the large amount of data and information generated, ABB has installed a communication network on site. Most of the information comes in by telephone and fax, and on a typical day over 100 fax pages are received.

Besides the telephone and fax, ABB has rented a permanent satellite line for video conferences with its European headquarters. The satellite line is also used for transmitting documents. Once a week there is a top-level meeting with the customer to discuss possible problems, and once per month ABB prepares a progress report. This report is sent to the customer, Tractabel, and all members of the consortium. A weekly progress report, including a forecast for the next two to 10 weeks, is sent to all on-site project managers.

According to Leitenberger, the customer is very cooperative and competent. In the beginning at Al Taweelah B, it was necessary to create confidence between WED and ABB. However, since that time there has been no problems with the cooperation.

ABB is in the process of training 200 people who will be responsible for operating the plant once it has been handed over to WED. Training of the plant?s staff covers all aspects of the power and desalination plant, including instructions on operation and maintenance of the steam turbines, generators and auxiliary systems. When the training has been completed, the staff will be qualified to operate the plant safely and be able to take action should an emergency occur. They will also be able to react to alarms and advisories. As part of the training, all of the trainees receive copies of the procedures for operation and maintenance of the power station and the desalination plant.

Al Taweelah B is part of a 25-year plan to provide Abu Dhabi with electricity and water. The government of Abu Dhabi expects an annual growth of 6 percent for electricity and 10 percent for water. The Al Taweelah plant has room to add further units, and plans exist to build a 400-MW unit in the next few years.

Companies and their scope of supply for the project are:

1. ABB Kraftwerke AG, Mannheim, Germany?main contractor and consortium leader; steam turbines, protection systems boilers (Babcock/Lentjes, Germany) and; central control systems (Hartmann & Braun, Germany).

2. ABB SAE SADELMI S.p.A., Milan, Italy?electrical engineering of auxiliary components; 132-kV equipment and; local transport and all electric and mechanical commissioning with help of other subcontractors.

3. ITALIMPIANTI, Genoa, Italy?seawater desalination plants and associated tanks and pumps.

4. SIX Construct J.V., Brussels, Belgium, a J.V. and CCC of Athens, Greece?civil

engineering construction.

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