Polish Power Grid plans upgrades

Polish Power Grid Co. (PPGC), the electric transmission company of Poland, has signed a three-year agreement with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), USA, for technologies to increase reliability, maximize the use of the existing electric power system and strategically expand for the future. Among the many technologies PPGC is interested in are integrated resource planning (IRP), reliability-centered maintenance and EPRI`s flexible ac transmission system.

“Poland practically sits on coal so 97 percent of their system is thermal based. The southern part of the country has the biggest coal mines and the majority of the generation is in the south,” said Dejan Sobajic, EPRI. “With IRP, we`ll help them find the best strategies for expanding their system capabilities.”

Last year, Poland started parallel operation with the Union for the Coordination of the Production and Transmission of Electricity, a 55-member group working toward the most efficient use of primary energy resources, transmission plants and electrical generation.