Piller – bridging the voltage gap

Lech-Elektrizit├Ątswerke (LEW) are demonstrating Piller`s energy storage system, the Uniblock. A system which specifically benefits companies that rely on high-quality power.

The system works on the basis of a steel cylinder, weighing around three tonnes, rotating about its own axis at 3600 r/min. The rotational energy is converted into electrical power which is used to bridge voltage dips. It smoothes out intermittent events which cannot otherwise be avoided in the AC supply.

The Monheim subsidiary of the Wavin company in Germany – a large firm operating in the plastics sector – have installed the Uniblock-T system because their production processes cannot tolerate any voltage dips in the power supply. Even minimal fluctuations can have disastrous consequences.

The system has an integral flywheel storage unit and was developed by RWE subsidiary Piller in Osterode and optimized in co-operation with LEW. A more cost efficient `slimmed down` version is currently being developed to supplement the current model and to accommodate the wider market.