All news, reports, projects, policy and legislation impacting the power and energy generation sectors in continental Europe, with a specific focus on news out of the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Scotland. News and updates from the European Investment Bank concerning investments, from the European Commission relating to the Green Deal, as well as updates on the energy transition, renewable energy integration, tenders and auctions within Europe will also be included.

Enron keeps the faith in midst of political uproar over Dabhol

International development is a type of high stakes gamble requiring large doses of foresight, research, business and cultural savvy, and, as Enron is quickly learning--faith.

Business news and new business

The China International Business Inves-tigation Company Ltd. is now open in Hong Kong to serve overseas businesses working to enter China`s market. Services include investigative reports on business nature, history, background, management and court records, operations, financial status, import and export rights, investment and marketing analyses, sales and purchasing.

Munradtech captures coveted Queens Award for second time

Munradtech Industrial Generators Ltd., Shepshed, Leicestershire, England, has accomplished the rare feat of winning the Queen`s Award for Export Achievement for a second year in succession. Last year`s award provided a springboard, launching the firm to greater efforts overseas, which brought in this year`s award.

PennWell Power Team welcomes Independent Energy

Independent Energy, based in Milaca, Minn., serves independent power producers worldwide, including developers, owners and operators of non-utility power facilities in addition to others allied to the field such as finance firms, law firms, equipment manufacturers, engineers, consultants, construction companies and utilities.

China Electric Power Industry Forum draws industry leaders to Shenzen

For the best opportunities in electricity today, all roads lead to China, and in April, industry leaders from around the globe traveled to Shenzen for a panoramic view of the many business avenues and challenges. The Second Power Engineering International China Electric Power Industry Forum, focusing on the nation`s growing electric power generation industry, surveyed both the present and future profiles of the local electrical industries.

Linking compatible systems in the European grid

The CENTREL group of power utilities--Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic--have successfully interconnected with the UCPTE power system

Industry comes together in search for solutions

POWER-GEN Europe `95 confirms technological advances, equipment improvements and expert predictions are lighting the way

One of the worlds most efficient electric power utilities to be...

Singapore has announced that it will privatize its electric and gas supply industries, thus enabling it to compete internationally

Economic growth in Asia will require the construction of thousands of...

Although Asia has a need to add 700 GW of new capacity by the year 2010, the big question that remains is who will provide the financing

Rolls-Royce sets projects in Malta, Bolivia, China, US

Rolls-Royce and subsidiaries have announced a variety of new projects in several different countries.

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