All news, reports, projects, policy and legislation impacting the power and energy generation sectors in continental Europe, with a specific focus on news out of the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Scotland. News and updates from the European Investment Bank concerning investments, from the European Commission relating to the Green Deal, as well as updates on the energy transition, renewable energy integration, tenders and auctions within Europe will also be included.

Private ownership of electric power is more efficient and reliable than...

Worldwide, developing countries are now finding the advantages of privately owned and operated electric power plants

Submarine power cable to connet Jordan, Egypt.

A 420-kV submarine power cable is being strung between Jordan and Egypt across the Gulf of Aqaba by Alcatel Kabel Norge of Norway. The oil-filled, paper-insulated cable will take about 30 months to place along its 13 kilometer path. The project is expected to cost almost (US)$72 million. The cable will reach a water depth of approximately 830 meters, breaking the previous world depth record of 530 meters, set for an underwater power cable by Alcatel in crossing the Skagerrak between Norway and D

PFBC demos operate successfully

Advances in high-pressure fluidized bed combustion are the leading development in this interesting new solid-fuel combustion technology

State-of-the-art energy management system to improve Venezuelas hydro-electric plant operations

Venezuela`s concern for protecting the environment, and the country`s need for more efficient power generation, were major factors in EDELCA installing a state-of-the art energy management system.

Solar thermal power tested successfully in Spain

The next generation of solar thermal power plants will have reduced capital and power generation costs

Europe gives priority to reducing power plant NOx and SOx emissions

Cleaning up the environment is a major reason that Europe`s electric generating companies are installing scrubbers, low-NOx burners and AFBC

CMF plant commissioned at Hungarian power station

Memcor has installed a continuous microfiltration (CMF) plant to pretreat water for a reverse osmosis (RO) plant at the Bokod power station near Budapest, Hungary. Zenon Systems Kft, a Hungarian subsidiary of Zenon Environmental Inc. of Canada, supplied the RO unit.

Kali & Salz orders generators for CHP

Kali & Salz, a German potash mining company, has ordered seven 4,875-kW gas turbine generator sets from MAN Dezentrale Energiesysteme Gmbh for combined heat and power applications. Solar Turbines Inc. is manufacturing the seven Taurus 60S gas turbines for the generator sets, using the company`s SoLoNOx technology for lean-premixed, dry combustion to deter NOx formation without water or steam injection. MAN will package the turbine generator sets at its Augsburg, Germany, plant.

Macawber receives repeat order from Polish station

The successful installation of a fully automated pneumatic ash handling system at the Elektrownia Kozienice power station in Poland has led to a repeat order for the Macawber division of Doncaster, UK-based Clyde Pneumatic Conveying Ltd.

Europe aims to reduce CO2 emissions by year 2000

After the United Nations environmental conference in Rio, the European Union committed itself to stabilizing its CO2 emissions at 1990 levels by the year 2000. However, many in Europe believe this ambitious target is not achievable without a major increase in the use of renewable fuels.

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