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Siemens sees growing demand for coal-fired power plants

By virtue of the low-cost availability of coal, Siemens/KWU anticipates increasing growth in the demand for coal-fired steam power plants in the world marketplace, particularly in Asia. In many countries, enhanced efficiency and reduced plant costs are driving the life-cycle costs of coal-fired plants back down to a competitive level with natural gas-fired combined-cycle plants.

Postal service testing electric powered vans

The Swedish Post, the Swedish postal service, and Vattenfall, the largest utility in Sweden, have contracted U.S.-based Electric Fuel Corp. to join the Deutsche Post AG, the German Postal Service, in a fleet test of a zinc-air battery system. The test will include three vans, one Mercedes-Benz 410 and two Opel Combos, using Electric Fuel?s batteries, which will be refueled at the Deutsche Post AG facilities in Bremen, Germany. With an operating range of 300 to 400 km, the vans will run regular

Ringhals sets production record

Ringhals 1 nuclear power plant in Sweden set a new production record in January, an accomplishment which is being attributed to the six new custom advanced-design LP rotors installed at the plant late last year. The unit is reported to be producing more than 40 additional MW.

Ansaldo wins Indonesian geothermal plant contract

Ansaldo of Italy has announced a (US)$50.3 million order from the Indonesian electricity company to build the third 55-MW geothermal electricity plant on the island of Java. According to London`s Financial Times, Ansaldo also built the first two units, which are fed by hot water wells. The plant will eventually generate up to 165 MW.

Mission signs PPA for Italian project

Mission Energy Co. has signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) for the ISAB 507-MW independent power project, to be sited near Siracusa in Sicily, Italy. Under the agreement, Enel SpA, the Italian state-owned utility, will purchase power from the project for 20 years. The project will use gasification technology to convert heavy oil residues from the ISAB refinery in Priolo Gargallo into clean-burning "syngas," which will be used to generate electricity in a combustion turbine. Mission said Ital

Project Europa

Mammoet Shipping, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, loads an RSC shell of 42.36 x 7 x 7.13 meters, weighing 470 tons, and an RSC internal bundle of 39.62 x 6.7 x 6.4 meters, weighing 297 tons, into its ship OProject EuropaO in Venice, Italy. The columns were loaded with the ship?s own gear and positioned in the vessel?s hold. The cargo traveled to Port Manatee, Fla., USA, for the Polk County coal- and gas-fired plant, expected to start production in 1996.

General Atomics, MINATOM reach final GT-MHR agreement

Final agreements have been signed by General Atomics of San Diego, Calif., USA, and Russia`s Ministry of Atomic Energy (MINATOM), authorizing a joint program to design and develop a gas turbine-modular helium reactor (GT-MHR) for use in Russia.

FACTS will boost transmission capacity and flexibility

Transmission system needs vary widely around the world, and new technology is providing the flexibility to meet those varying demands

Calls for papers

Wessex Institute of Technology has issued a call for papers for the Third International Electrosoft Conference, focusing on software for electrical engineering analysis and design. The conference, organized by Wessex Institute, UK, will be held in San Miniato, Italy on May 28, 1996. Topics will include interfaces, package design, software engineering, numerical issues, symbolic computation, parallel computation and simulation. A full call for papers is available from Wessex at 44 (0) 1703-293223

Chinas SCADA/EMS market growing rapidly

China`s electrical power industry is growing rapidly; older SCADA/EMS systems have to be expanded and improved and new ones added; vendors must be aware of Chinese requirements

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