All news, reports, projects, policy and legislation impacting the power and energy generation sectors in continental Europe, with a specific focus on news out of the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Scotland. News and updates from the European Investment Bank concerning investments, from the European Commission relating to the Green Deal, as well as updates on the energy transition, renewable energy integration, tenders and auctions within Europe will also be included.

POWER-GEN Europe brings spotlight to the Hungarianelectric power sector

The power generators of Europe converged on Budapest for several days during POWER-GEN Europe `96 in June, and the Hungarian electric system came under close scrutiny. In the keynote session of the technical conference, György Hatvani, member of the board of MVM Rt., gave a sketch of the system.

Power stays on as fuel supply facilities change

BPA of Herts, England, has contracted to design and install new heavy-fuel supply facilities to the on-site power generation plants at British Steel`s Port Talbot, South Wales, works. The facilities will rationalize and replace the existing fuel systems while the plant continues operations. The current fuel lines will be de-commissioned.

SCADA systems ensure availability in third-world transmission networks

The UEB installed a SCC for the republic`s entire transmission and distribution network, resulting in less than one hour of unavailability per year

Furth recycling plant to enter service this fall

All four conversion drums for the first commercial-scale thermal waste recycling plant, currently under construction in Furth, Germany, by the Siemens Power Generation Group (KWU) have arrived on site. The conversion, or carbonization, drum is the heart of this thermal waste treatment process.

To keep pace with economic growth, China must add another 90,000...

Chinese officials predict that 6 percent of the equipment and 25 percent of the financing for the new capacity will be from sources outside of China

Central and Eastern Europe must add new capacity to grow economically

Although there is a need for new capacity, some power projects are not feasible and financing will be difficult

Asian nations explore construction options to meet booming infrastructure needs

Asia is a sprawl of continental and island nations of cultural and climatic diversity, requiring innovative generation, transmission and distribution systems

Consortium buys Light

An international consortium has acquired majority interest in Light, the electric distribution system of Rio de Janeiro, in a recent privatization by the Brazilian government. The consortium, including Houston Industries Energy Inc. (HI Energy), Electricité de France, AES Corp., CSN Brazilian industrial group and BNDES Brazilian financial institution, bid (US)$2 billion for 50 percent plus one share of Light. The government retains the remaining interest. The acquisition will be financed wit

Dense ash slurry benefits reported

Fly ash and bottom ash generated by coal-fired power plants are generally transported hydraulically, pneumatically or by mechanical means to ash dumps, natural ash dams or artificial ash dams. The hydraulic transport of fly ash has traditionally been done in the form of dilute slurries, containing 10- to 30-percent solids by weight.

ScottishPower integrates Manweb

ScottishPower has announced plans to integrate Manweb, which it acquired in late 1995, with a move toward a regional structure for the electricity distribution business--three regions covering Wales, Merseyside and the remainder of urban and rural territory in England. The Manweb head office in Chester will be closed sometime in 1996 as the company is seeking smaller offices in the area.

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