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Personnel appointments and award winners

Richard F. Allen has been appointed president of Wartsila Power Development, responsible for the company`s worldwide power development activities, organization and assets.

Commercial PFBC clears development hurdles

Pressure is on worldwide to reduce atmospheric pollutants, especially with regard to power generation. Plant owners, however, must maintain the lowest possible electricity cost while reducing emissions. To meet these demands, designers of advanced coal-combustion technologies have been concentrating on the coal-fired combined cycle as one solution. One technology that is now considered "commercial ready," is pressurized fluidized-bed combustion (PFBC).

MCFC projects make progress In Japans New Sunshine Program

By Toshikatsu Mori, Hiroyoshi Uematsu, Hidemichi Tanaka and Hiroo Yasue Technology Research Association for Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell Power Generation Systems

No Financial Borders

Interview by Helmut Sendner, Contributing Editor, with Dr. Fritz P. Ruess, Siemens Power Ventures Inc., Managing Director, Erlangen, Germany

World?s largest power and desalination plant starts up its first unit

In July 1995 the first unit of Al Taweelah B power and desalination plant was put into operation in Abu Dhabi, UAE. With a sweet-water production of 76 million gallons per day, it is reported to be the largest desalination plant in the world.

90-MW diesel power plant chosen for Middle East

MAN B&W is a major supplier of diesel engines for stationary power generation. Its diesel generating sets range from 500-kW emergency power generating units used for small-scale factory applications up to 150-MW turnkey diesel power stations serving regions not covered by a national grid system. The world?s first large-scale diesel power station was built in the city of Kiev, Ukraine. This station had six MAN four-cylinder, four-stroke engines.

German businesses find world market with co-generation sales

Manufacturers and packagers of gas-engine- and gas-turbine-based cogeneration units say the market for these systems has boomed in Germany, and the companies are actively expanding the sales further by supplying the international market.

Ringhals sets production record

Ringhals 1 nuclear power plant in Sweden set a new production record in January, an accomplishment which is being attributed to the six new custom advanced-design LP rotors installed at the plant late last year. The unit is reported to be producing more than 40 additional MW.

Ansaldo wins Indonesian geothermal plant contract

Ansaldo of Italy has announced a (US)$50.3 million order from the Indonesian electricity company to build the third 55-MW geothermal electricity plant on the island of Java. According to London`s Financial Times, Ansaldo also built the first two units, which are fed by hot water wells. The plant will eventually generate up to 165 MW.

Mission signs PPA for Italian project

Mission Energy Co. has signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) for the ISAB 507-MW independent power project, to be sited near Siracusa in Sicily, Italy. Under the agreement, Enel SpA, the Italian state-owned utility, will purchase power from the project for 20 years. The project will use gasification technology to convert heavy oil residues from the ISAB refinery in Priolo Gargallo into clean-burning "syngas," which will be used to generate electricity in a combustion turbine. Mission said Ital

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