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Ringhals retrofit boosts output by more than 40 MW

By R. Subbiah, B. P. Maxwell, L. G. Fowls, J. C. Groenendaal and Ken Johnson, Westinghouse Electric Corp., and Benno Persson, Vattenfall AB

Paka Power Station comes on line in record time

Standardized design may be the beginning of a new era in plant construction, with modular pieces snapping into place at accelerating rates

Efficiency, reliability and control of pollution enhanced during plant upgrade

Design of today`s modern steam power plants is primarily dictated by economic considerations. However, electric utilities do place high demands on plant availability and operating flexibility. In addition, in today`s environment, power plant designers must design a plant to meet a country`s environmental regulations. One of the most effective technologies for limiting environmental pollution is through the promotion of high-efficiency power generation.

The market for gas turbine power plants is buoyant

"Redesign, Reinvest and Repower" was the theme of this year`s American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Cogen Turbo Power Conference, sponsored by ASME`s International Gas Turbine Institute (IGTI). Held in Vienna, Austria, the conference highlighted a number of growth markets. By one estimate, more than 900 GW of new gas turbine capacity will be added worldwide by the year 2010. The keynote session on the opening morning was chaired by Ron Natole of Natole Turbine Enterprises, LaPorte, Tex

Business briefs and new business

National Power plc, of the United Kingdom, is working on a 1,200-MW thermal project in Visakhapatnam, India, under a joint-venture agreement with the Andra Pradesh State Electricity Board.

Turkey is quietly growing into a major electricity consumer with rising...

Turkey`s electricity demand in 1995 was almost 72,000 GWh, expected to soar to 308,000 GWh by 2010. Demand is growing at approximately 8 percent annually, and the government is planning to boost installed capacity to 58 GW to meet the demand, according to Hal Sunar, Community Energy Alternatives Inc., at the American Turkish Council annual conference.

European Power Forum returns to St. Petersburg

The Third Central and Eastern European Power Industry Forum (CEEPIF) will be held in St. Petersburg, Russia, on April 3 and 4, 1996. The forum brings speakers and delegates together to discuss the conditions and constraints for successful cooperation. The object of the conference is to provide a forum for discussing practical solutions. More information on the forum is available from PennWell Conferences & Exhibitions European Headquarters in the Netherlands at +31-30-650963 or by fax at +31-30-

Personnel promotions, appointments, awards

PacifiCorp announced the appointment of Daniel L. Spalding as chairman of Powercor in Australia. He will continue as senior vice president for PacifiCorp and will have offices in Melbourne.

POWER-GEN Americas exposes soft domestic market, overseas opportunities

Competition is seen throughout the electricity industry as power generation attains a global market mind-set

Water chemistry control maintains plant health

An arsenal of diverse water treatments is necessary to fight corrosion and fouling and to avoid potentially enormous repair costs

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