All news, reports, projects, policy and legislation impacting the power and energy generation sectors in continental Europe, with a specific focus on news out of the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Scotland. News and updates from the European Investment Bank concerning investments, from the European Commission relating to the Green Deal, as well as updates on the energy transition, renewable energy integration, tenders and auctions within Europe will also be included.

Parallel repowering steam turbines with gas turbines yield multiple benefits

Higher efficiencies and increased capability at existing sites are available with relatively low capital and time investments

Clean coal technology breakthroughs are expected to keep coal a viable...

Awash in a sea of initializations, clean coal has gone from oxymoron to fact of life in the global power generation market

Reliability centered maintenance minimizes costs and maximizes plant availability

As gas turbines have become more widely used for baseload power generation, utilities are adopting a variety of approaches to minimize maintenance costs and maximize availability.

POWER-GEN Europe 97 is Europes largest information source for the international...

For the first time, renewable and fuel cell generation technologies will receive special attention at POWER-GEN Europe, with a conference track which can be attended separately from the rest of the conference. The track was added to acknowledge the growing importance of clean energy all over Europe. This section will include market opportunities in the renewable energy sector, the increasing role of renewable energy in Europe, a forum on renewable developments in a liberalized market and confere

Automated ash disposal system at Australian power station sets new standards

The fully automated system at Bayswater uses state-of-the-art technology to transport ash more than 11 km to a mine disposal site

Reducing emissions from electric power plants is a priority for European...

In addition to reducing SO2 and NOx, European power plants are actively lowering particulates, CO2 and other pollutants

French firms band together to bring large CFB dream into reality

250 MW power plant in France uses a circulating fluidized bed boiler to reduce environmentally harmful emissions

Global Round-up

CMS Generation Co. announced a subsidiary has acquired a 29.5 percent ownership interest in Magellan Cogeneration Inc.`s 48 MW, diesel-fueled generating plant on the island of Luzon in the Philippines.

Merger mania rages among electric utilities worldwide

1995 saw an unprecedented number of mergers and acquisitions that started to reshape the worldwide electricity sector. One year later, and maybe one year wiser, we see that what started as a rush has now turned into a steady flow.

British wind surges in 96

The British Wind Energy Association (BWEA) recently announced that the 34 wind farms in Britain doubled their output in 1996 to 505 million kWh, bringing Britain into fourth place as a European wind generator. The top three wind generating nations in Europe are Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands.

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