Railroad electric plant powers

Since late 1994, the Kirchmoser electric power station near Brandenburg has been the driving force behind Germany`s new high-speed rail line. It is the world`s first combined-cycle plant for railroad electrification, according to Siemens` records, and its 160-MW output provides plenty of electricity to power the high-speed trains of Deutsche Bahn AG between Frankfurt and Berlin. The plant, owned by VEBA Kraftwerke Ruhr AG, also supplies power to the railroad company`s 110-kV grid.

Siemens supplying turbines to Belgium

The Power Generation Group of Siemens will supply two 150-MW-class V94.2 gas turbines to the Brugge-Herdersbrug combined-cycle plant in Belgium. Siemens secured the contract, valued at more than (US)$54 million, from Belgian utilities Electrabel and Societe Cooperative de Production d`Electricity. The two Siemens turbines, combined with another 160-MW steam turbine, will provide Brugge-Herdersbrug with 460 MW of power. Start-up of the gas turbines is scheduled for early 1997, with combined-cycle

Ghazi Barotha finds financing

The World Bank has approved a (US)$350 million loan, completing the financing for the (US)$2.25 billion Ghazi Barotha hydropower project in Pakistan. The project has financing from Japan, (US)$350 million; the Asian Development Bank, $300 million; the European Investment Bank, $150 million; Germany, $150 million; the Islamic Development Bank, $40 million. The Water and Power Development Authority of Pakistan will contribute (US)$1 billion in local and foreign currency. The 1,450-MW project, site

Norway, Sweden open borders to electricity

Norway and Sweden removed their border tariffs for electricity on Jan. 1, 1996, creating an international electricity exchange. The exchange allows both generators and consumers to trade across the border. The pool is viewed as a beginning for a much larger market, to include Finland, Denmark and mainland Europe. Germany receives electricity from Denmark already and will begin importing electricity from Norway in 1998. Norway boasts the world`s only complete power exchange for trading and cleari

Business briefs and new business

ABB Turbochargers has opened a service station in Guangzhou, China, to serve the Guangdong area and all of Southern China.

Japan tops survey of electricity prices

According to the International Electricity Prices survey, undertaken annually by the Electricity Association in the UK, Japan reported the highest prices--and South Africa the lowest--of the 24 countries included.

Water chemistry control maintains plant health

An arsenal of diverse water treatments is necessary to fight corrosion and fouling and to avoid potentially enormous repair costs

Renewables: viable option for a bright future

The cost of power produced by renewable energy sources is falling, making them an option that may be viable in a much wider range of future applications

IE Forum underlines importance of finance and highlights industry growth opportunities

Independent power elite gather in New York to mull the problems of the present and the promises of the future

Destec contracts to link new site into national grid

Destec Energy Inc., USA, has signed a 20-year contract with the National Grid Co., the electric transmission authority of England and Wales, to provide for the connection of a power plant to be sited in Indian Queens, Cornwall.

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