31 October 2002 – Nord Pool, the Nordic Power Exchange, has given Danish utility Elsam an official reprimand for not notifying the Exchange in due time when the outage of one of the units at Nordjyllandsværket power utility had to be prolonged due to a defect in the boiler.

Unit 3 at Nordjyllandsvaerket power utility had been taken out of operation in late August for a planned outage. When the unit was re-started several errors were detected in vital parts of the boiler. This constantly delayed the re-starting of the unit so that the unit wasn’t in service until three days later than scheduled.

The supply undertaker and system operator of western Denmark, Eltra, was currently informed about the status of the repair work. Unfortunately the information was not passed on to Nord Pool as required until two days later due to a human error and Elsam has been reprimanded that a repetition should not re-occur.

“We deeply regret this incident” says Elsam’s CEO, Mr Høstgaard-Jensen and continues: “To ensure a well-functioning and transparent market an independent exchange is required. And this is only the case when all players follow the