New process for waste heat extraction

A company which says it has developed a unique process to convert industrial waste heat into re-usable energy is establishing a R&D and manufacturing plant in Wales, UK.

Econotherm will manufacture what it says is a unique heat exchanger using patented superconductor heat pipes to recover waste energy which can then be re-used in the form of heated fluid or air in industrial processes or to provide space heating.

‘Heat pipes have been successfully used in space and electronics industries for several years and are a generically proven technology with strong technical advantages over conventional heat exchanger designs. However, they have hitherto been regarded as cost prohibitive and difficult to create an effective business case for the utilisation as an energy recovery technology,’ said Mark Boocock, director of Econotherm. Boocock added: ‘The Econotherm patented processes enable the production of low cost heat pipes, thus making them highly competitive against classical exchanger technology.’

The company required new investment to establish its facility in Bridgend and engaged a syndication of business angels from xénos in addition to receiving funding from the Welsh Assembly government.

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