New Hamburg CHP plant to be powered by GE

GE technology is to be used on a new gas engine combined heat and power plant in Northern Germany, providing enough power and heat to serve 21,500 households in the process.

E.ON Hanse Wàƒ¤rme GmbH is planning to build the plant, which will be the largest gas engine combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Northern Germany.

It will use GE’s most powerful Jenbacher gas engine, the new 10-MW J920 FleXtra.

Construction of the new CHP plant is to begin in March 2014. E.ON Hanse Wàƒ¤rme has invested approximately $9.19M in the facility, which will serve the eastern Hamburg area.
The project, which is part of an energy cooperation project between E.ON Hanse and the city of Hamburg, is the fourth CHP project to supply Hamburg households with power, following the development of CHP plants in Hohenhorst, Wilhelmsburg and Lohbràƒ¼gge. With an output of more than 9.5 MW, the new CHP plant will be much larger than the other facilities, which each generate up to 2 MW.

As in the three other facilities, E.ON Hanse Wàƒ¤rme is once again using GE Power & Water’s Jenbacher gas engines. The heart of the new CHP plant is the J920 FleXtra. GE’s J920 FleXtra commands the highest electrical efficiency in the 10-MW engine class and is designed to achieve an industry-leading electrical efficiency of 48.7 percent and about 90 percent efficiency in cogeneration mode. As a result, the J920 FleXtra offers a flexible, innovative energy solution providing greater efficiency levels while improving environmental performance.

The Hamburg project is the second J920 engine installation in Germany. In April 2013, GE and Bavarian officials gathered in the city of Rosenheim to celebrate the official startup of the Stadtwerke Rosenheim municipal cogeneration facility expansion project, which also features a J920 FleXtra unit.

The J920 FleXtra can generate more than 76 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year. At the same time, the CHP system can generate more than 80 million kilowatt hours of heat, which will be fed into the existing district heating network to serve households in Hamburg.

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