Nalco-Mobotec acquired by British mechanical engineering specialist

The Power Industrial Group of the UK has acquired Nalco-Mobotec LLC from Ecolab Inc in a multi-million pound deal that sees the independent mechanical engineering company significantly expand its international footprint.

Based in the US and Canada, Nalco-Mobotec is widely recognized as a world leader in advanced emissions control and combustion optimization solutions for utility applications, including a patented SNCR technology that can provide customized solutions to operators of fossil fuel (coal and gas)and biomass power plants.

The newly acquired business will be a stand-alone entity within the Group, which already comprises PJD, Grayton Engineering and Refcom Linings.

Commenting on the deal in a statement David Hayle, CEO, said, “This deal secures the long-term future of the Nalco-Mobotec technology and will ensure that it continues to provide market leading emissions reduction solutions.”

“Whilst there is opportunity for the UK power generation market, [the transaction] also provides a route to expand the Group into targeted worldwide markets where legislation is driving significant changes to the way we generate electricity, both in terms of the fuels we burn and the emissions we emit,” he added.

Speaking to Power Engineering International, Nick Evans, director of Business Development, said, “We have a good understanding of the NOx emissions control market in the UK and know the opportunities there are potentially immediate, so with the Nalco-Mobotec acquisition one of our first priorities will be to work to develop those opportunities”.

He added, “Nalco-Mobotec’s recent heritage has predominantly been in North America, so we will also quite quickly look to rebrand and redevelop the business in the US to grow the market there as more stringent emissions control legislation is introduced.”

Evans also confirmed for Power Engineering International, that Nalco-Mobotec has over 90 reference plants in North America, Europe and Asia, and thus will form the basis to accelerate the expansion of The Power Industrial Group’s offering.

This latest acquisition follows a period of sustained growth for The Power Industrial Group, which has been achieved through a mixture of organic growth and acquisition.

With the addition of Nalco-Mobotec, the Group’s turnover is set to rise to almost à‚£70m ($108m) this fiscal year, up from à‚£7m seven years ago.

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