MTU release gas-fueled engines

MTU release gas-fueled engines

Expansion of MTU`s product spectrum sees an offering of gas engines to supplement its existing diesel engines and gas turbine offerings. The gas engine programme is based on the diesel production Series 183 and 4000, with other gas-fueled versions under development.

The Series 183 gas engines are supplied as 130 kW, in-line 6-cylinder engines, as an 8-cylinder version with 160 kW, and as a 12-cylinder version with 240 kW or 313 kW. The Series 4000 engines are available as 12V and 16V versions with 990 kW and 1320 kW capacities respectively.

Both types were derived from serial-produced MTU engines. Serial production of the Lambda 1 gas engines of the 183 Series will start in the third quarter of 1999, whilst mass production of the 4000 Series gas engines and the supercharged G12V 183 engine will commence in early 2000.

The new gas engines meet all emissions regulations and are 50 per cent under the limit values of TA-Luft (Air Quality Technical Directive) in normal operation with natural gas. Emissions of nitrous oxide recorded especially low levels. As a result, the regulatory requirement of 250 mg/m3 of exhaust gas is readily met. Since generally no soot is emitted in the combustion of gas, the MTU gas engines are well suited for the environmentally friendly generation of electric power and heat. Mechanical efficiencies of between 36 and 40 per cent and thermal efficiencies of 46 to 55 per cent make these engines very fuel efficient.

The company markets and supports its gas engines world-wide independently, but has collaborated with partners to develop and produce these engines. The gas versions of the 4000 series were developed by SKL Motoren and Systemtechnik GmbH in Magdeburg, Germany, whilst the 183 Series gas versions are produced by MWB Moteren und Anlagen GmbH, Bremerhaven, Germany.

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