Marine engine heat recovery system wins award

Heat pump technology which converts low-grade waste heat in marine applications to electricity has won the ‘Technology Innovation Award’ at the ‘Excellence in Best Practice Award Banquet’ hosted by consultancy and analytics firm Frost & Sullivan in Frankfurt, Germany.

Climeon AB’s Ocean is a system that converts hot water between 70-120 degrees C into electricity. Scalable from 150 kW up to 1 MW, it is suited for all ships with engines of 5 MW or more. It offers up to 14% efficiency and typically, around 5% in fuel savings for marine installations, its developers say.

‘No commercially available technology can convert water at 90 degrees Celsius to electricity with reasonable efficiency but the Climeon system exceeds 50% of the theoretical maximum of 18%’, said Krishna Venkataramani, Frost & Sullivan Senior Research Analyst.

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