MAN B&W modernizes Grimma power station

MAN B&W Diesel AG, Augsburg, Germany, won the contract for an energy supply modernization project for the town of Grimma in Saxonia, Germany. MAN B&W is extending the existing station with a cogeneration plant.

The core of the plant will be three generator sets equipped with 18-cylinder V 20/27 diesel generator (DG), dual-fuel engines, with an aggregate electrical output of 4,655 kW and a thermal output of 4,815 kW. The plant will enter operation in October 1995.

The electrical power generated will be fed into local mains, and the heat will go into the existing district heating system. The installation will be equipped with remote controls for automatic operation from a central control station. Natural gas will be the primary fuel. To meet stringent pollution limits, the gensets will be equipped with combined selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and oxidation catalyst systems using urea to reduce NOx formation.