Feb. 19, 2001—A waste to energy plant in Italy converts municipal solid waste into refuse-derived fuel which is then used by a circulating fluidized bed boiler to produce energy.

The Lomellina Energia Recycling waste to energy (WTE) facility in Parona, Italy, is operated by Lomellina Energia, a special purpose company created by Foster Wheeler Italiana.

The plant was built to help satisfy EU directives on the recovery of waste by recovery of recyclable materials, production of refuse derived fuel (RDF), composting and electricity generation.

The plant, which began operating in July 2000, required an investment of Euro 130 million and was financed by 24% of equity and 76% of debt. Construction was carried out by Foster Wheeler Italiana under a fixed price engineering, procurement and construction contract.

The process takes the combustible portion of municipal solid waste, a mix of paper, paperboard, rubber, plastic, textile, leather and wood, and forms it into RDF, which is more homogenous and stable than the municipal solid waste would be.

A more detailed paper on the plant is available through Foster-Wheeler’s web site at #publications/tech_papers/index.cfm.