30 July 2002 – Ukrainian Ambassador to Tehran Wadim Primachenko met with Iranian Minister of Energy Habibollah Bitaraf in Tehran on Monday to discuss possible ways of expanding bilateral ties in energy sector.

According to public relations department of the Energy Ministry, Bitaraf expressed his country’s readiness to develop co-operation in power industry with Ukraine.

“The accords already reached between the two countries over the past ten years to build power stations based on financing scheme, transfer of technical know-how to Iran and full utilization of domestic potentials are now being implemented,” said the Iranian minister.

He said the extension of gas-fuelled power stations as well as technical and specilized sectors were among suitable areas of co-operation between the two countries and expressed hope that this would open a new chapter in Iran-Ukraine ties.

Bitaraf invited Ukrainian companies to participate in water and power exhibitions to be held in Iran in order to upgrade mutual ties to a satisfactory level.

Primachenko, for his part, said he hoped that Ukrainian companies would further take part in Iranian fairs, sponsored by the Energy Ministry, which can be regarded as a new chapter in Iran-Ukraine ties.