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Innogy makes electric vehicle recharging deal with autobahn services firm

A long-term cooperation agreement has been signed between Innogy and German autobahn services firm Tank & Rast, with the intention of ensuring that owners of electric vehicles are reliably located on motorways.

Innogy, a subsidiary of the energy supplier RWE, announced on Friday that it will take over the operation of rapid charging points at 103 Tank & Rast service stations.
As a result of the expansion of the fast-charging network, currently underway, motorists can use the motorway with their electric cars in the future without problems, Martin Herrmann, sales manager of Innogy, said.

In addition to the CCS standard (Combined Charging System), Chademo and Type 2 plug connections are available at the charge points.

Electric vehicle driver will be able to use the quick-charging columns at Tank & Rast locations spontaneously and without contract, with payment via Paypal or credit card. A half hour shop, which corresponds to a “tank filling” costs 7.50 euros, according to Innogy. The driver can select the duration of the journey in advance.

As a service provider on German motorways, Tank & Rast plans to equip its 400 sites with modern rapid-charging stations. Innogy itself operates around 5,800 charging points, making it one of the largest networks in Europe.

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