The ZHI XIAN ZHI XING docks with the Puylobo wind farm blades, image courtesy of Iberdrola

The 42 blades for Iberdrola’s new project in Spain, the Puylobo wind farm, being built in Aragon, have been unloaded in the Port of Bilbao. The blades made a 20,000 km journey and had to pass rigorous health checks before the delivery could take place.

The blades were manufactured by Siemens Gamesa in China. Civil engineering work on the wind farm is being completed by Iberdrola and local contractors while the rest of the wind turbine components – towers, nacelles/hubs, generators, gearboxes and transformers – are manufactured at facilities in Asturias, Cantabria, Soria and Burgos.

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Located in the municipalities of Borja and Mallén, in Zaragoza, the Puylobo wind farm will consist of 14 SG 3.4-132 wind turbines; a model with a 64.5 m long blade, optimal for medium and high wind sites.

With an investment of €50m, more than 120 professionals will be involved in its construction.

Once in operation at the end of the year, it will supply clean energy to a population equivalent to 20,000 homes per year and will prevent the emission of 32,000 tons of CO2 per year.

The Puylobo wind farm is one of twelve renewable energy projects that Iberdrola is currently building in Spain and is part of the investment plan activated by the company, which envisages the installation of 3,000 MW of wind and solar power by 2022. By 2030, the company plans to install 10,000 MW in Spain alone which will allow for the creation 20,000 jobs in the country.

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