Spanish energy operator, Iberdrola has announced its plans to extend the Castellon Smart Grid to Valencia and Alicante. Iberdrola’s chairman Ignacio Galán said: “The expansion will make Valencia one of the most advanced regions in the world in electricity network infrastructure. We have improved the quality of supply in the Valencia region by over 20 per cent since last year and 53 per cent in the last 10 years.”

Iberdrola has invested over €4bn ($5.7bn) in the Valencia region over the last decade. The utility uses the Spectrum remote control system to manage grids supplying power to over three million people via 37 000 miles of power lines, 132 substations, and 22 000 transformers.

Galán said that advances in the network also prepare the way for a rollout of sustainability initiatives including electric vehicles. Iberdrola has signed an agreement with Gamesa for the manufacture, installation and maintenance of electric vehicle charging stations in the Valencia region.

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