GIVA SpA consists of several divisions capable of steel melting, forging, machining and a division for manufacturing of large industrial valves for oil and gas application.  The forging divisions are unique in their wide range of available hot forming equipment that include ring rolling and open die press forging.

Open die press sizes range from 1500 tonnes to 100,000 tonnes.  Recently the firm invested in a new 100,000-tonne press, located at the Forgiatura A Vienna facility in Terrazzano De Rho (Milan), Italy. During 2013 and 2014 this press became operational and is the largest such press in the world.

GIVA’s commercial interest is in turbine wheel development for power generation applications. Turbine wheels are part of the assembly of a turbine engine used to power the generator.  In this case, the generator is 60 or 50 Hz running at 3600 RPM or 3000 RPM and connected to a main commercial/public power grid.

In order to configure the new press to produce an optimum forging result, GIVA’s engineers developed a novel method combining process mapping and computer simulation. A two-year development programme resulted in a manufacturing process that saves cost and time, the firm said. Trialled in late 2014, the forging was a success and the product was defect-free.