Genset Roundup

Converting waste products to power

Mirrless Blackstone has supplied another KVP16 engine to the Shanks Waste Services site at Brogborough, Bedfordshire in the UK. This will enable the Brogborough site to become one of the largest reciprocating engine powered generating sites in Europe utilizing methane gas from a landfill site.

The genset, which is currently undergoing final commissioning trials, will provide an additional 6.7 MW of power to the site’s existing 10.8 MW which has been provided by two Mirrless Blackstone KVP 16 dual fuel engines.

The contract was awarded on a turnkey basis, and included a single bay extension to the existing power station.

Gas for the new facility will have to be drawn from a new location on the site. To accommodate this, Shanks Waste Services has provided a new gas compressor compound equipped with two new reciprocating compressors. Facilities for a third reciprocating compressor will be added at a later date.

The project is being funded for 15 years under the UK government’s Non Fossil Fuel Obligation (NFFO) grant which guarantees revenue for the energy generated by non fossil fuels.

The additional 6.7 MW engine will allow the Brogborough site to become one of the largest reciprocating engine powered generating sites of its kind in Europe
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New rental venture

As part of its new business venture, Cummins Power Rent – part of Cummins Power Generation Ltd. – has released a range of containerized gensets rated between 35 kW and 2 MW. These generating sets will meet the increasing demands for electrical power in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim.

The larger sets in the range will offer duel frequency facilities that will allow them to meet local power standards at either 50 Hz or 60Hz. The units will mainly be diesel-powered, but some gas-powered units will be available in sizes up to 1.25 MW.

All of the gensets will include the Cummins PowerCommand digital control plus integrated switchgear and paralleling equipment for fast setup, high power quality and enhanced reliability.

When speaking about the reasons behind the new business venture, Global Rental director Patrick O’Farrell said: “In developing countries around the world, rental generating sets can provide much needed base load power until communities build permanent infrastructures. In remote areas or areas of rapid growth, rental sets are needed at construction sites, mining operations, telecommunication facilities, shipping ports, industrial/commercial centres, and for helping utilities meet peak demands. Rental power is ideal in these situations because it doesn’t require a large capital investment.”

Cummins has launched a new rental business to address markets in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim
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Genset provides back-up power for H System

GE Distributed Power, a unit of GE Power Systems, will provide back-up auxiliary power supply and assist with the black-start of a 480 MW GE H System-based power plant in Baglan Energy Park, south Wales.

The 2.3 MW auxiliary power diesel genset will supply power that enhances the H System’s shutdown capability by powering all the essential electrical loads if a low bus voltage situation occurs. In addition, under blackout conditions the H System can undergo a restart without the normal back-feeding of power from the electrical transmission system and auxiliary power transformer.

The diesel generating set forms part of a package being supplied to the Baglan Bay Energy Park by GE, which also includes a 30 MW GE LM2500 aeroderivative gas turbine.

The plant is based on GE’s latest H System technology, and is designed to reach 60 per cent fuel efficiency in combined cycle operation. It combines a H technology gas turbine, steam turbine and a heat recovery steam generator into a combined cycle operation.

The genset has the ability to remain stable after absorbing a step response in essential power demand and can be ready to load within 12 s from start initiation to loading.

The package will also include a GE transportation system and an engine generator control panel designed and manufactured by GE Industrial Systems.

GE Distributed Power will design, manufacture and test the diesel genset and all of its accessories for installation.

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