Standby at the ‘Mountain of Glass’

A new riverside development of luxury London apartments has selected a 300 kVA generating set from Cummins Power Generation to provide emergency standby power. The development, called Montevetro – the “Mountain of Glass”, includes 93 air-conditioned apartments and ten penthouses.

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The wedge-shaped building is clad with glass curtain walling on the river-facing elevation and on all sides of the penthouses. The genset will supply the essential landlord services such as external lighting, internal staircase and lobby lighting, fire alarm system and fire fighting lifts.

Palais des Congres opts for CHP

Paris’ Palais des Congres, Europe’s largest convention centre, has opted for a cogeneration plant to power a multi-million dollar expansion of the Concorde Lafayette Hotel. It has chosen Caterpillar’s latest cogeneration package, the G3516B, to power the hotel and conference centre.

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Caterpillar has installed its G3516B system consisting of a Cat G3516B engine, a Cat SR4B generator, a heat recovery system, all cooling system pipework, electrical controls and hydraulic interconnections. The system has a high total efficiency of up to 90 per cent with low NOx and CO2 emissions. It will supply 100 per cent of the hotel and conference centre’s heat and power needs.

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The G3516B engine will run on gas fuel. It has a four-valve design to enhance air change and allows complete scavenging of exhaust gases for clean burning and low emissions. The cogeneration system delivers 1165 kWe, and is equipped with an advanced electronic control system that allows the engine to adjust to variations in gas quality and changes in the operating environment.

Cementing reliable power supplies

A cement factory in the Dominican Republic is taking supply of a 19 MW Wärtsilä NSD Power Master power plant in order to guarantee reliable power supplies for its operations. The plant is being delivered to Cementos Nacionales in the city of San Pedro de Macoris.

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Wärtsilä will supply three 18V32LN prime movers to the cement factory and has a turnkey contract for the construction of the plant and an extension. The engines will use heavy fuel oil and are being supplied along with a small tank area and a substation extension. Also included under the turnkey contract is the delivery of a monitoring system for three engines in an existing power plant and the construction of 300 m of cable trench where 15 plastic conduits are embedded into concrete.

$100m gold mine power

Rolls-Royce has won contracts worth $100 million to provide power for two African gold mines. The company will supply engines from its latest Allen 5000 series to projects in Mali.

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Rangold Resources of Jersey awarded the contracts to Rolls-Royce Power Ventures, the independent power producer arm of Rolls-Royce, which will build and operate two diesel power stations. The projects, for Rangold’s Morila and Syama gold mines, will use seven Allen 5012 diesel generating sets.

At Syama, the diesel engines will supplement an existing 20 MW generating plant which Rolls-Royce Power Ventures will also manage on behalf of the mine. First operation at Syama, using two of the seven engines, started at the beginning of May. At Morila, the power plant will be built when the new mine is constructed.

The 5012 engine generates over 500 kWe per cylinder and has digital fuel injection which monitors combustion to ensure peak operating performance and also enables the operator to reduce emissions.

Mali, Burkina Faso order plants

Deutz Energy GmbH has received two orders from west African countries for the delivery of stationary power plants. Both installations will start operating in the first half of 2000.

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In Mali, Deutz will deliver a 18 MW plant consisting of three power generating sets fuelled by gas oil. The engines are all 16-cylinder of Deutz’s 640 series. Deutz is the general contractor for the project and will work with International Montage Maintenance SA (IMM) of Brussels, the subcontractor.

Under the second order, Deutz and IMM are to team up again to provide two generating sets, also from Deutz

Hospital treatment

Three hospitals in the Spanish city of Pamplona have recently installed standby generating sets supplied by Cummins Power Generation. The gensets will provide power in the event of a mains failure to the hospitals, which between them contain over 2000 beds.

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At the Clinica Universitaria, Pamplona’s largest private hospital, two of its three old standby sets have been replaced by Cummins sets. Cummins supplied two CS1000-5 units rated at 832 kW powered by Cummins KTA38G3 12-cylinder direct injection diesel engines. They work in parallel and are equipped with Cummins’ Power Command System which ensures that the units will be on-load within seven seconds of a power failure.

The Virgen del Camino Hospital has over 600 beds and has installed a CS1100-5 standby set rated at 906 kW. The same model genset has also been installed at the Hospital de Navarra, a 500-bed hospital built in the 1980s.

Caribbean power

Engineering consultants Mott MacDonald has been appointed as the consultant by St Vincent Electricity Services Ltd. for a new power station on the island of Mayreau in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The island is small – only 5 km2 – and has no public electricity supply for its 300 inhabitants. The government is keen to promote tourism and has undertaken to provide a public electricity supply there by 2001.

Mott MacDonald will carry out feasibility studies to determine plant rating, location, economic evaluation, outline design and environmental impact. Construction will begin in August 2000.