Genset Roundup

Diesel power after only 80 days of construction

Within a record time of 80 days, the MAN B&W Diesel Group have completed the first phase of the new Choloma III diesel power plant in Honduras. The first five MAN B&W diesel engines, with an output of 90 MW, will deliver energy for the local power network.

In due course, a further eight engines will be installed to provide a total power output of 240 MW.

Five medium-speed diesel engines provide 90 MW at the Choloma III power plant
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The inauguration of the power plant was attended by Honduras’ president, Ricardo Maduro, who pointed out that commissioning of the power plant would finally stop the need for the import of expensive electricity and, therefore, would make a considerable contribution to advancing Honduras’ progress. “The resulting savings will enable us to finance school lunches for some 800 000 children withing the next five years, to employ 2000 policemen, 500 physicians, 1000 nurses and 1000 teachers,” he said.

The owner of the Choloma III project is EMCE/Enersa, the leading electricity supplier in Honduras, which has invested $165 million in the project.

  • The Nigerian Blue Cement Company (BCC) in Gboko has placed an order for a 44 MW diesel power plant with MAN B&W Diesel Group. The new plant will extend and replace the existing power plant at the site, which was damaged by fire.

MAN B&W will equip the plant with five diesel generating sets based on 18V32/40 engines.

Powering up Brazil

Dangerously low electricity supplies in Brazil have meant that the country has had to use emergency gensets to meet growing demand over the past three years.

Three gensets supplied by Cummins Power Generation-Brazil with a total output of more than 113 MW ” enough power to supply a city of 350 000 people ” have helped to alleviate the situation. Two were part of the strategic emergency energy plan of the CBEE, the emergency energy agency. The third is an IPP project for a building complex in Sao Paulo.

The first plant brought online was the 64 Sete Lagoas project in Minas Gerais. The project was commissioned in September 2002 with a contract period running through December 2004.

The second plant was a 44 MW diesel facility in the city of Anapolis that was financed and constructed by Cummins in partnership with Engbra, an independent power producer.

The third project is near Sao Paulo and consists of three 1750 GQNB PowerCommand lean-burn gas engine generators.

Cat introduces new gas fueled gensets

The new Cat G3500E Series of advanced natural gas-fueled generator sets from Caterpillar Inc. is designed for maximum efficiency in extended-duty distributed generation and combined heat and power (CHP)applications.

The E-Series power generation units are driven by Cat electronically controlled, lean-burn gas reciprocating engines. Operating on the Miller Combustion Cycle, they deliver extremely high mechanical efficiency ” up to 44.5 per cent ” with flexibility to operate on pipeline natural gas with a wide range of methane numbers at no sacrifice of efficiency or performance. The first units in the E-Series are:

  • 16-cylinder G3516E, operating at 50 Hz/1500 r/min and rated at 1600 kW and 43.5 per cent mechanical efficiency without water pumps.
  • 20-cylinder G3520E, operating at 60 Hz/1200 r/min and rated at 1600 kW and 43.5 per cent mechanical efficiency with water pumps.

The 50 Hz model has standard NOx emissions of 500 mg/Nm3 (TA Luft) or 250 mg/Nm3 (1/2 TA Luft). The 60 Hz models have standard NOx emissions of 1.0 or 0.5 g/bhp-hr.

Cat’s new G3500E Series is designed for maximum efficiency in extended duty CHP and distributed generation applications
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“The G3500E Series generator sets are designed specifically for applications in which low long-term operating cost is the key driver of return on investment,” says Michael A. Devine, gas product marketing manager with the Electric Power Group of Caterpillar Inc. “Those include continuous-duty or high-annual-hours CHP and distributed generation service.”

Engines in the G3500E Series use an advanced camshaft and turbocharger design to achieve high mechanical efficiency. The units are built on heavy-duty diesel-based platforms and are designed to operate reliably and efficiently with minimal operator attention.

Rocking in Rio

GE Energy’s rental business recently supplied temporary generation equipment to the world’s largest music festival ” Rock in Rio, held in Portugal.

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For the festival, GE Energy supplied more than 30 generators, providing 10 MW of electricity, which was sufficient for all the lighting, sound, video, HVAC and other services. The company also provided more than 20 000 m of cables and power distribution equipment.

Artists that participated at the concert included Paul McCartney, Sting, Elton John and Tom Jones.

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