Genset Roundup

Ceramics Co. builds for growing business

Spanish ceramics company Grespania has awarded Centrax Gas Turbine a contract to supply a CX501-KB7 generator set for a direct drying application at their tile manufacturing plant in Nules.

The CX501-KB7 on its way to Spain
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The 5.1 MWe Rolls-Royce gas turbine powered package will replace a similar CX501-KB5 unit which was installed in 1994. The reason for the upgrade is due to Grespania’s increase in tile output. The unit will be delivered at the end of this year with commissioning expected to be completed during early 2004.

Wärtsilä wins Sri Lanka IPP plant order

In August, Wärtsilä overcame stiff competition to win a contract to supply a 100 MW turnkey power plant to the Heladhanavi project in Puttalam, Sri Lanka.

Wärtsilä will deliver equipment to the Sri Lankan plant in late 2003, and commercial operation is scheduled for 2004

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This latest contract closely follows an order won for a plant in Honduras. Together, the two heavy fuel oil plants will have an output of 350 MW. Wärtsilä will supply the plant to Sri Lankan customer Lakdhanavi, an Independent Power Plant (IPP) company. The energy will be distributed to the National Grid.

Wärtsilä will deliver all of the equipment, including six 18V46 DG sets, running on heavy fuel oil, plus auxiliaries, switch yard and 11/132 kV power transformers, as well as the power house.

The DG sets will be transported on river barges north from Colombo, before making a beach landing, because the local roads are not capable of carrying the heavy engines. Wärtsilä supplied a 27 MW power plant to Lakdhanavi six years ago.

The equipment delivery will be made at the end of 2003, with commercial operation expected to begin in August 2004.

Mawdsley’s gensets are ready for battle

Mawdsley’s, a generation set manufacturer and supplier, has secured a contract with the UK’s Ministry of Defence for over 1600 battlefield gensets of 4.5 kW each. The contract is worth à‚£15m ($25m).

It’s new diesel driven battlefield generator is designed for a multitude of military uses and will replace two older types, one of which is petrol driven and does not conform to the NATO Battlefield Single Fuel Policy and which gives rise to fuel logistics problems. The generators will be used for a number of battlefield applications, including use in military support vehicles.

Mawdsley’s has secured a à‚£15m contract for battlefield gensets
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Generation of power at a reduced weight (kW/kg) and space is critical and the new generators weigh approximately half that of existing units and must maintain a low noise profile. The reduction of the life cost cycle is equally critical and the exceptionally high efficiency of the generator set improves fuel efficiency. Furthermore, when not operating at full load, then engine speed can be decreased, further reducing fuel consumption and noise levels as well as reducing maintenance costs through reduced engine wear, without affecting the regulation of the supplies.

New Cat gas generating set provides highest fuel efficiency in its class

Caterpillar Inc. has introduced a 1200 r/min version of its Cat G3520C advanced natural gas fuelled generator set, which, the company says, offers the highest fuel efficiency in its class.

The 1200 r/min, 60 Hz package delivers 1.6 MWe from an electronically controlled, 20-cylinder advanced lean-burn gas engine, coupled with a six-pole synchronous generator.

Mechanical efficiency is rated at 43.5 per cent, with fuel consumption at 6069 Btu/bhp-hr, and NOx emissions at 1.0 g/bhp-hr. For applications with even lower emissions needs, the G3520C genset is also available in a 0.5 g/bhp-hr NOx version.

The 1200 r/min G3520C is said to deliver four to five per cent greater fuel efficiency than the previously introduced 2.1 MWe 1800 r/min version.

The Cat G3520C advanced natural gas fuelled generator set offers high levels of efficiency and reliability
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Like the Caterpillar 1800 r/min G3520C generator set introduced in December 2002, the 1200 r/min version is designed to operate reliably and economically with minimal hands-on operator attention. It uses the same open combustion chamber design and low-pressure fuel system (1.5 to 5 psi, 10 to 35 kPa), making it adaptable to a wide range of applications. The G3520C also features:

  • SCADA-compatible ADEM II digital microprocessor control technology for automatic regulation of engine governing, air/fuel ratio and ignition systems control, resulting in optimum fuel economy and stringent NOx emissions control.
  • Electronically controlled transient response systems to minimize frequency and voltage fluctuations during block loading and unloading.
  • Patent-pending air/fuel ratio control based on charge air density to maintain NOx within tight tolerances under all ambient and load conditions.

Munich Airport makes a safe landing with Deutz engines

The construction of a new terminal at Munich airport meant that power supply facilities at the site also need to be expanded. Two generator sets, powered by Deutz Otto gas engines of type TCG 2032 V16, each with 3720 kW electrical and 4344 kW thermal power (including 2653 kW cooling capacity), have therefore been installed to complement the airport’s existing power plant. The airport now has sufficient capacity to meet the energy needs of a town with a population of 80 000.

The TCG 2032 V16 engines will be installed at the new terminal in Munich
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The 2032 engines provide an expansion to the basic power supply. They are in continuous operation, feeding generated power into the airport’s mains network. The plant also serves as an immediate backup for lighting for the landing runway, which means that the power supply for the runway must switch on within 2 s after the public mains system fails.

Generating 18.5 MW of electrical, 21 MW of thermal and 11.5 MW of cooling capacity, the entire power plant is the largest cogeneration plant in operation in Germany.

New genset shows high efficiency

Cummins Power Generation has developed a new PowerCommand lean-burn 1160/1400 kW natural gas generator set series with high fuel efficiency and low exhaust emissions.

The newly launched 1160/1400 kW natural gas generator series
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The new 60 Hz 1400 GQKA and the 50 Hz 1160 GQKA gas generator sets are ideal for a wide variety of on-site power applications such as utility peaking, distributed generation, or CHP (combined heat and power). Models are available with emissions levels of NOx (nitrogen oxides) as low as 0.7 g/bhp-hr.

Each generator set features a 60 l, 16-cylinder QSK60G series natural gas engine operating at either 1500 r/min (50 Hz) or 1800 r/min (60 Hz).

The engine is based on the Cummins lean-burn gas engines and incorporates a number of advanced electronic control systems, including full-authority electronic management of the engine, as well as systems that optimize electric power quality and performance of the genset

PowerCommand coordinates remote or local starting, stopping, and frequency synchronization. The integrated AmpSentry Protection guards the electrical integrity of the altenator and power system from the effects of over-current, over/under voltage, under-frequency and overload conditions.

The newly launched 1160/1400 kW natural gas generator series

Caterpillar launches its largest power plant for the Dominican Republic

Caterpillar has announced completion of its largest ever power plant. The $95 million, 100 MW facility will provide power to more than 125 000 homes in the Dominican Republic.

The $95 million plant will provide power for over 125 000 homes in the Dominican Republic
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The plant is owned by the Monte Rio Power Corporation, a joint venture between the Paliza-Viyella Group and Caterpillar Power Ventures, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc.

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The Monte Rio power plant will be powered by 13 Cat power generation units, each producing 8 MW of power. Power produced by the new plant will be sold into the Dominican Republic’s existing electric power utility grid.

Ener-g supplies backup CHP

A new hotel complex to be built in Liverpool, UK will benefit from a new 206 kW combined heat and power (CHP) unit. The SAS Radisson group building the 200-room hotel tapped Ener-g Combined Power for the installation of the unit, designed to reduce costs.

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Ener-g Combined Power provided an Ener-g 206, which was containerized as it was to be located outside on the tenth floor of the building. The unit had also been fitted with standby facilities meaning that should there ever be a break in the mains electrical supply the CHP unit will sense the fault, disconnect from the mains and restart within seconds. This means that in the event of an emergency the plant will provide power for emergency lighting, pumps, and smoke extraction systems and will enable the emergency services to use the hotel lifts.

Ideally a CHP unit would be placed in the boiler room and close to the LV distribution panel. However in the case of SAS Radisson Liverpool the installation proved to be very difficult due to limited space. However after consultation with the architects, it was decided that the unit could be situated outside. Additionally, as the unit was to be located close to the hotel bedrooms the container was acoustically treated and sound levels were reduced to 68 dba at 10 m. In March 2003 the Ener-g 206 was craned on to tenth floor with the plant room containing the boilers situated close by.

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