Fuel Cell CHP system up and running in Austria

Gussing Renewable Energy has announced that the first stage of its fuel cell deployment, constructed in partnership with Clear Edge Power, in Gàƒ¼ssing, Austria has been completed.

Fuel cell micro-CHP (combined heat and power) systems provider, ClearEdge fuel cell installed and configured their system to run on Gàƒ¼ssing’s CARE FUEL biomethane supply generated from regional residual biomass.

Gussing, Austria

The two companies announced Monday that the system has successfully been up and running at its full 5 kW capacity since 20 August 2012.

Fuel Cell Today reports that Michael Dichand, Chairman of Gàƒ¼ssing Renewable Energy, said they now feel confident moving forward with the subsequent stages of the agreement, including the installation of 8.5 MW of fuel cell systems in Austria over the next three years and 50 MW installed by 2020, to create cost-effective energy security for the region.

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