A newly commissioned gas-fired power plant in Bouchain, France has been rated the world’s most efficient by Guinness World Records.

The 605 MW combined-cycle plant, which was commissioned on Friday by operator EDF, features the first use of GE’s 9HA.01 gas turbine (pictured) which has achieved an efficiency rate of up to 66.22 per cent.

The turbine underwent validation testing in January at GE’s test centre in Greenville, US and in May the first 9HA.01 production unit was completed at GE’s gas turbine manufacturing facility in Belfort in France.

GE said the turbine is capable of reaching full power from a cold start in around 30 minutes.

On a press call, GE Power president and CEO Steve Bolze said the company has received confirmed orders for an additional 39 turbines, while 90 are on the “technically selected” list for projects around the world.

Bolze emphasized Bouchain’s status as part of the company’s Digital Power Plant scheme, with a digital control system featuring an increased number of sensors. He said the plant ushers in “a new era of combined-cycle power generation and digital integration”.

The company hopes to achieve up to 65 per cent efficiency by the early 2020s, as well as increased output and flexibility, according to Bolze.

The Bouchain plant, formerly a 500 MW coal-fired plant, was retired in 2015. GE said the new plant’s footprint is 25 per cent of the original plant’s, but its output is higher.  

“Today we are making history with this power plant for the future,” said Bolze. “We are thrilled to be acknowledged by Guinness World Records for powering the world’s most efficient combined-cycle power plant, and we are also very proud of the industry-leading flexibility and reliability this turbine provides to our customers. We look forward to continuing to work with EDF and providing services to ensure the ongoing high performance of the Bouchain plant in the years to come.”

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