France’s RTE picks 19 companies for network supply

21 June 2002 – French high-voltage grid operator Reseau de Transport d’Electricit√©, a wholly-owned unit of Electricit&eacute de France, has selected 19 foreign and domestic suppliers to supply it with electricity to maintain the country’s network, from July through December 2003.

RTE said it purchased electricity in its latest round amounting to 5215 MW for the third quarter, but plans to make future purchases for more flexible time periods. A total of 24 companies were authorized to participate in the bidding, RTE said.

RTE is France’s second-largest electricity consumer, and holds regular tenders to furnish it with electricity to maintain the network. Electricity losses occur in the network when power flows from one voltage level to another and due to major changes in electricity dispatching, requiring RTE to “inject” electricity to stabilize the high-voltage network.

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