First order for PGT5B

GE Nuovo Pignone has announced the release and first order simultaneously for the new PGT5B gas turbine. The PGT5B combines the technology of GE aircraft engine designs with the ruggedness of the heavy-duty PGT-class turbines.

The first installation will be at Cartiera di Vignaletto`s paper manufacturing facility in Verona, Italy, in the fourth quarter of 1999. Commercial operation will begin in early 2000.

The PGT5B is a 5.9 MW machine available in single-shaft configuration, for power generation, and a twin-shaft version for mechanical applications due to be rolled-out in mid-2000.

The new gas turbine offers a net efficiency at generator terminals of 31.9 per cent and will restrict NOx emissions to 25 ppm on natural gas and 42 ppm on liquid fuel, meeting strict environmental standards.

Its exhaust energy can provide a substantial quantity of steam at various pressures and temperatures.

For applications at schools, universities or hospitals that have a heating/cooling load, the value and efficiency of the engine can be increased by coupling it with a heat recovery steam generator.