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First ORC at electric arc furnace

A waste heat recovery Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) turbine recently installed at a steel foundry in Germany has been claimed as a world first.

Installed at the Elbe-Stahlwerke Feralpi GmbH (ESF) steel plant in Riesa, Germany, Turboden supplied the system for an electric arc furnace (pictured) at the site.

Rated at 3 MWe, the ORC unit is connected to the off-gas treatment system and exploits a portion of the saturated steam produced and recovers heat from the exhaust gases downstream of the furnace.

In addition to electricity production, the remaining portion of the steam is fed into the Riesa Municipal steam supply system and is used in a nearby tire factory production process.

Partners of the project are Turboden, CO.ME.CA. – a manufacturer of integrated systems for steelworks – and the Italian Federation for Energy Efficiency (FIRE).

Part of the H-REII DEMO Project (Heat recovery in Energy Intensive Industries), the project was co-financed by the DG Environment of the European Commission under the LIFE+ programme.

Part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd, Turboden has now secured a contract for a second similar plant in Italy. This 2 MWe ORC-based plant is under construction for an iron & steel factory in Italy with the heat recovery system to be connected to the local municipal district heating, supplying about 12 MWth.