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First gas-fired CHP plant in Portugal

First gas-fired CHP plant in Portugal

Portuguese pulp and paper manufacturer Soporcel is to develop the first combined heat and power (CHP) plant in the country to be fired by natural gas. The plant will also be Portugal`s largest CHP plant.

The 68 MWe plant will be built at the site of Soporcel`s paper mill in Lavos, Figueira da Foz, 200 km north of Lisbon. Soporgen, a company owned by Portuguese national electricity utility EDP, ABB and Soporcel, will develop the plant on a build-own-operate transfer basis. ABB Stal of Sweden, in co-operation with ABB Portugal will supply a combined cycle CHP plant to the site under a contract worth à‚§38m ($42m). The plant will supply Soporcel`s paper machines with steam and electricity, operational in early 2000. Part of the electrical output to be exported to the grid.

ABB will supply two GT10 gas turbines equipped with dry low emission technology, two heat recovery steam generators, a high pressure HP25 steam turbine and electrical and process equipment.

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