Finnish district heating plant moves to automatic control

Metso is set to install an automatic heat delivery control system at Fortum’s Suomenoja combined heat and power plant in Espoo, Finland.

The new control system will replace manual maintenance of optimal operating conditions within the district heating network. Commissioning is planned for 2014.

Until now, Fortum said, manual maintenance has meant that operators had to run the network using more heat than was necessary. With automatic control, network heat losses are decreased, improving heat delivery efficiency. Automatic control “also enables us to maintain optimal operation conditions during fast changes in electricity and heat consumption,” said Timo Aaltonen, production director at Fortum Heat and Power Oy.

The Suomenoja plant produces around 1800 GWh of electricity and 2200 GWh of district heat per year for the residents of Espoo, Kauniainen and Kirkkonummi.

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