Expansion of SDMOs Montana product line

Expansion of SDMO`s Montana product line

SDMO`s Generation 2000 product line – introduced at the end of 1998 – has included gensets from the Montana product line, equipped with John Deere engines. John Deere supplies engines for industrial, agricultural and marine applications, as well as gensets. SDMO has recently announced additions to the Montana family, ranging from 40 to 165 kVA, three phase, and from 36.5 to 80 kVA single phase, mainly powered by PowerTech 4.5L and 6.8L engines. Assembly takes place in the new Kergaradec ll factory, near Brest in France.

With a genset line ranging from 1 kVA to 3000 kVA, SDMO offers a wide and consistent span of products supported by a worldwide distributor network in over 140 countries. Along with its network of distributors, the company relies on three subsidiaries in Spain, UK and the Far East. International activity for SDMO has consistently grown since 1974 through the acquisition of market shares in Africa and North Africa and more recently in the Middle East.

At the core of the generation 2000 product line, Montana gensets feature a built in tank with a capacity allowing 8 to 18 hours of autonomy, depending on the power output, through a new type of power module that improves the accessibility for connecting and maintenance actions, even in 220 volts.

SDMO reported a turnover of 1.67 billion French francs for 1998, and employs 580 people. In addition to standard gensets the company also offers diesel and gas (dual energy) gensets as well as some energy related special applications used in various activity areas like the military, telecommunications and offshore facilities.

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