EXERGY in waste heat deal for cement plant

Italian firm EXERGY has signed a deal for a 3.5 MW organic Rankine cycle (ORC) waste-heat recovery system to be installed in a cement plant near Treviso, Italy.

The scope of the contract with Cementi Rossi includes engineering, design, build, commissioning and start-up of the plant, plus a long-term, after-sales service deal.
EXERGY designed a customized and compact ORC solution to convert approximately 16 MWth available from exhaust heat in the clinker cooler into 3.5 MW of electricity. The solution utilizes an air-cooled condensing system, EXERGY’s Radial Outflow Turbine as an expander, and uses a non-flammable fluid for maximum safety during operation.

The electricity produced by the ORC module will feed approximately the 30 per cent of the energy demand of the cement plant, boosting efficiency and profitability while also cutting its environmental impact.

EXERGY chief executive Claudio Spadacini saidà‚ waste heat recovery technology was “a very profitable and proven solution for cement manufacturing process”.

“For Cementi Rossi we worked to supply a tailor-made solution, choosing a non-flammable fluid in the cycle and a very compact plant design with a high-level of prefabricated components to reduce costs and time for build. We are happy to have partnered with Cementi Rossi for this project and hope to develop others with them. Cement is one of the key application to develop for our waste-heat recovery market in the future.”

VIDEO:à‚ Producing power from exhaust heat more efficiently with innovative Organic Rankine Cycle solutions


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