LEXINGTON, Mass. & SOUTHAMPTON, England, March 29, 2001 — Excelergy Corporation has signed an agreement to provide Maverick Energy Limited of the United Kingdom with its Excelergy Advanced Business Package for managing its complex billing and customer care business units.

“We looked at all the leading products and technologies that would give us a competitive edge by helping us provide superior customer service, and Excelergy blew the competition away,” Neil Lewis, managing director of Maverick Energy. “Their object-based technology and thinking literally are years ahead of other providers.”

Studies in the United Kingdom show that 70 percent of mid- to large-sized commercial electricity customers have significant problems with billing, and more than one third of all complaints from customers switching to new energy suppliers can be traced to a common problem – faulty data transfer among various energy companies serving a single customer. Poor data transfer, linked to the increased complexity of the restructuring UK market, is blamed for poor customer care and billing business unit practices among UK suppliers and distributors.

The Excelergy Advanced Business Package obtained by Maverick will include three configurations: customer care and billing (to enhance relationships between broker and client), customer web access (to enhance relationships between supplier and customer), and complex billing (to automate the generation of bills for mid- to large-sized commercial customers, ensuring timeliness and accuracy).

Overall, the Excelergy Advanced Business Package will automate and manage the supplier’s increasingly complex business units, allowing Maverick Energy to reduce costs, increase efficiency, accelerate market penetration, and mitigate business risk better than ever before.

“Maverick Energy has positioned itself in the UK as assembling a world class IT system that solves complex collaboration problems, so we’re pleased they’ve selected Excelergy as part of their team,” said Bill Mahoney, Excelergy’s president and chief executive officer. “We will quickly integrate our product with their system to provide them with the speed, flexibility, scalability and accuracy they need to be enormously successful in the evolving UK market.”

About Maverick Energy Limited

Maverick Energy Limited, located in Southampton, England, is a privately held power supply company currently raising its second round of equity financing. Founded in 1994, Maverick Energy provides electricity to businesses and energy brokers in the United Kingdom at competitive rates backed by superior customer service. The company’s philosophy – “People First, Power Second” – is reflected in its 97 percent customer satisfaction and annual retention rate. More information is available by calling the office of Neil Lewis, managing director of Maverick Energy, at (011) 44 2380 841 555.

About Excelergy

Excelergy delivers the world’s most advanced software products and technologies for inter-company collaboration between businesses operating in restructuring markets, such as the global energy and utility industry. Excelergy’s unique suite of object-based, XML-enabled products includes Excelergy eXACT™ for automating collaboration and care among businesses and Excelergy Advanced Business Package™ for managing complex business units with multiple revenue streams. Excelergy’s North American headquarters are located in Lexington, MA, with its European headquarters located in Bristol, England. More information is available at www.excelergy.com.