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EV sets world record in Germany

EV sets world record in Germany

Deutsche Post AG, the German postal service, has announced that a Mercedes-Benz MB410E powered by the Electric Fuel zinc-air energy system, drove from Bremen to Bonn on a single battery charge. In spite of bad traffic conditions and traffic jams, the vehicle drove more than 424 km carrying a cargo of 650 kg with a total weight of 4.1 tons. It used only 94 percent of its battery capacity.

Deutsche Post AG is performing a large field test of a new generation of electric vehicles with the zinc-air system developed by the Israeli company Electric Fuel Ltd. Mercedes-Benz AG, Adam Opel AG, Deutsche Telekom, Electric Fuel and others are partners in and outside Germany. Altogether, more than 60 vehicles will be used.

Deutsche Post AG, with a fleet of 55,000 vehicles, is one of the largest fleet operators in Europe. Deutsche Post sees electric vehicles using the Electric Fuel zinc-air energy system as the great chance for the environment. The battery and the regeneration do not cause any toxic emissions. Electric Fuel zinc-air batteries are not recharged in the socket but, rather, return to a regeneration plant where the zinc-oxide is electrochemically regenerated into pure zinc.

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