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European elections bad news for power generation

European Energy Commissioner Gunther Oettinger has said that national elections are always bad news for energy policies.à‚ 

With the public set to go to the polls this year in France, Russia and the US, Oettinger said that power generation and elections are “not a good couple”, because energy policies are “quite complicated” for an electoral debate.
Gunther Oettinger
Oettinger added that 2012’s elections were not helpful for making progress on energy policies.

“I don’t think energy policy should be a main point for elections. We should avoid coming to decisions at this time. My expectation is that next year, no matter who wins the presidential election in the US, we will be able to come to a normal relationship in the global issue of climate change. Now it’s impossible. There is no chance to come to real commitments at this time.”

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