Credit crunched Rotterdam CCGT project gets go-ahead

Siemens has secured an order for a much delayed turnkey construction of a combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power project in the Rotterdam Europoort in the Netherlands.

The purchaser is Enecogen, a partnership of the Dutch utility Eneco and the Danish utility DONG Energy. The project with an installed capacity of approximately 870 MW is scheduled to go on line in late 2011.

The order volume, including a long-term maintenance agreement, is just under €700m ($977m).

Pieter Tavenier of Eneco Holdings, said: “There were three hiccups with this project. Firstly was the lack of transport capacity on the grid. It took 12-18 months to clear the delay.

“Secondly, the tender was put out in 2007 in a very congested EPC market. The last hurdle was the financial crisis, which led to an unavailability of funding. This delayed the project by a further six months.”

Siemens Energy will build the 59 per cent efficient, 10ppm NOx CCGT plant as a turnkey project and supply the main components comprising for each train one SGT5-4000F gas turbine, one SST5-5000 steam turbine and one hydrogen-cooled generator, the entire mechanical equipment, and the electrical and I&C systems.

All three main components are arranged on a single shaft and the CCGT will be built as a carbon capture plant.

Sweden picks site to bury nuclear waste for 100 000 years

One of the world’s first permanent nuclear waste storage sites that can house highly radioactive waste for more than 100 000 years will be built in Sweden.

The waste will be buried in tunnels drilled 500 metres underground in the bedrock in Forsmark, near the town of Oesthammar 200 kilometres north of Stockholm, the Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company (SKB) said.

Construction on the cutting-edge site could begin in 2016 and the site could be inaugurated in 2022 or 2024, according to SKB.

The Swedish technique consists of storing two tonnes of spent fuel in copper-coated canisters that weigh 25 tonnes each.

UK and Norway to study role of North Sea in carbon storage

The UK and Norway are to conduct a major feasibility study into potential CO2 storage in the North Sea. North Sea for future CO2 storage.

The aim of the study will be to build a profile for the whole of the North Sea, assessing each countries’ storage potential and projections of likely volumes and locations of CO2 flows, against a rising price of carbon, and to consider how the offshore storage business might develop.

EU ETS doomed to fail unless carbon markets go global

The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) is doomed to fail in its present guise, but carbon markets will succeed if nations agree to a global market in Copenhagen this December, according to RWE Innogy’s Chief Financial Officer Dr. Hans Bunting.

Dr. Bunting, speaking at the plenary session of POWER-GEN Europe, said falling carbon prices showed that the EU ETS was working as a price mechanism, but that the burgeoning market needed to be better designed if it was to successfully deliver investment in low carbon technologies.

This would be reliant on the 192 nations meeting under the auspices of the United Nations in Copenhagen this December thrashing out a deal on a global carbon market.

He said: “The carbon market has worked in some respects, but we can design it better so that it sets the right targets.

“As long as it remains a European market it will not work, we need a global, long-term carbon market over 15, 20 years and not five so that utilities can optimize their investment strategies.”

BP Solar and RGE Energy to build 46 MW solar plant

RGE Energy AG is partnering with BP Solar in planning a large-scale PV installation with over 46 MW (peak) capacity in Koethen, Saxony-Anhalt.

Around 210 000 crystalline photovoltaic modules with an output of 220 watt peak each will be supplied by BP Solar and installed by RGE Energy AG. The project launch is planned for the third quarter of 2009, the approval procedure is being processed currently, and by the end of the year, all BP Solar modules are set to be installed.

The planned solar system will deliver around 43 000 MWh per year, enough to yearly supply about 11 500 four-person households with electricity and to save around 25 600 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Siemens to supply Butendiek offshore wind turbines

Airtricity, the renewable energy division of Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE), has signed an agreement with Siemens Energy for the delivery of 80 SWT-3.6 MW -107 wind turbines for the Butendiek offshore wind farm in the German North Sea.

The offshore project, with a capacity of 288 MW is due to be commissioned in 2012. The Butendiek project is located 34 kilometres off the island of Sylt at a water depth of 20 metres.


Austria: Lower Austrian energy provider EVN is to build a €1bn ($1.39bn) chain of power-storage facilities in Albania. Three plants that will be able to store and deliver up to 1000 GWh are to be constructed along a 60km stretch of the Devoll River and linked to each other through a system of tunnels.

Bulgaria: Energoni plans to build a €160m ($223m), 100 MW wind park in the country. The construction of the plant is likely to begin in November, while works are expected to last for a year.

Italy: The Observatory of Renewable Energy expexts Italy to invest €42bn ($59bn) in renewables during 2009-2020. Wind energy will account for 43 per cent, biomass for 23 per cent, photovoltaic and thermodynamic energy for 17 per cent, and hydroelectric energy for 12 per cent of total investments.

Norway: The world’s first floating wind turbine has been towed out to sea off Norway’s coast. The Hywind, to be tested offshore for two years, is a 2.3 MW turbine.

Poland: The environment ministry has announced that Poland will spend 5bn zlotys ($1.55bn) over the next few years to meet its renewables target under the European Union’s emissions strategy.

Portugal: Orecon, the UK wave energy device developer, has signed an agreement with Portuguese developer Eneàƒ³lica to establish a joint venture to build and deploy Orecon’s first full scale 1.5 MW MRC wave energy buoy.

Spain: Abengoa Solar has begun construction on its second concentrating solar power plant in the town of Logrosan, located in the province of Caceres, Spain. The parabolic trough technology plant will have a power output capacity of 50 MW.

Ukraine: The Enerhoatom national nuclear power-generating company has begun consultations with Russia’s Rosatom, Atomic Energy of Canada, and Korea’s Kepco on the possible use of their design of nuclear reactors to organize their serial production in Ukraine.

UK: Siemens will provide 175 SWT-3.6 MW wind turbines for the 630 MW first phase of the London Array offshore wind project. There is an option to further expand the farm up to 1 GW.

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