EU to request new powers over energy deals

The EU intends to request new powers to pre-approve member states’ energy deals in a move designed to increase security of supply and encourage energy union.

Maros Sefcovic (pictured), the European Commission vice-president, aims to propose the new powers next month as part of a draft energy security package.

While the idea is aimed primarily at reducing reliance on Russian gas and limiting the dominance of supplier Gazprom, flows of power between member states’ borders would also be affected.

“We should develop the mechanism where we would have the possibility to look into the intergovernmental agreements in a way that we would make sure that once concluded, they are compatible with EU law,” Sefcovic said, adding that it may be “a complicated discussion” because member states have different opinions on the issue. à‚ 

While some nations such as Poland are in favour of the rule for its potential to lower gas prices and increase supply security, others such as Germany are opposed to greater interference from Brussels.

About one-third of Europe’s gas is currently supplied by Gazprom.

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