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EU Energy Union goal failure exposed in the Balkans

The EU is investigating if any of its rules were broken by the decision of countries in the Balkan region to stop exporting power during the cold snap last month.

Bulgaria refused to export power during the freeze while Greece and Hungary also took measures to retain power supplies in response to conditions that are expected to return this week.
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Bloomberg reports that the region’s power markets should enjoy unrestricted flows but the reaction highlights the European Union’s struggle to break down national barriers for power and gas, integrate markets and bolster energy security as it tries to ease dependence on Russian fuel.

The overall poor power infrastructure of the region is also a factor ‘where assets per person for production and infrastructure are about a third of that in advanced Europe, according to the International Monetary Fund.’

“What I see in the Balkans is clear evidence that everybody first secures its own consumption and only then, if they’re in a position to do so, they’ll help the others,” said Andras Totth, the deputy chief executive officer of strategy at Hungarian state-controlled utility MVM.