Board order

Centrax Gas Turbines has recently been awarded a contract to supply a CX501-KB7 generator set to Europac in Spain. The 5.2 MW outdoor package will be the second Centrax unit to be installed at Europac’s site in Alcolea de Cinca (Huesca) in eastern Spain and brings the total number of Centrax units operated by Europac to five.

The Centrax unit will produce electrical power plus heat at the Europac site
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The Europac site produces high quality cardboard and the Centrax unit will produce electrical power plus heat which is recovered from the turbine’s exhaust. This will be ducted to an existing waste heat recovery boiler to produce steam to be used in the board making process.

The new unit has an evaporative cooler installed in the turbine air intake to boost the power output by reducing the temperature of the intake air. The new generator set will be installed alongside an existing CX501-KB5 generator set which was the first Centrax package sold in Spain in 1988.

Beta Max gives a lift

Material lifting solutions provider Beta Max Inc. has launched its new Maxial Track Hoist. Designed to provide an easy and safe method for lifting general building materials, the new hoist is ideal for confined spaces in interior and exterior applications where frame or systems scaffolding is used, such as the power plant and boiler maintenance industries.

The Maxial Track Hoist system’s durable and lightweight design is easy to transport and can be assembled quickly with no tools. It helps to increase productivity and reduces manpower requirements.

To ensure safety, the Maxial Track Hoist is equipped with upper and lower limit switches, an electromagnetic disc brake, and universal carriage locking device in the event of cable breakage. A hand-held pendant is also included with the controller for added safety.

Slurry pumps: the next generation

ITT Flygt, a supplier of submersible pump and mixer solutions, has launched the next generation slurry pumps. Designed specifically to handle the most abrasive slurries in a wide spectrum of industrial environments, the pumps incorporate the latest ITT Flygt technology to ensure high efficiency, reliability and a long working life.

The 5100 and 5150 slurry pumps range in size from 7.5 kW-85 kW (10 hp-105 hp). The new class H motors have considerably reduced rotor losses, and heat generation is concentrated around the stator, which means less heat on the bearings.

The 5100 and 5150 slurry pumps range in size from 7.5 kW-85 kW
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They have built-in sensors for high temperature and leakage, and can handle up to 15 starts per hour.

The inspection chamber between the seal unit and the bearings has a built in sensor for early detection of any fluid build-up, reducing the risk of damage to the pump.

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